We used Jezz a lot as a coach within Tesco, and I used him myself, in the period when I moved from Finance Director to being CEO of a major division. I found that Jezz brought a completely different perspective on work issues and personal motivation. This helped me re-consider my own approach, and the way I tackled my new role. Jezz brings specific learnings from his Performance Management background, but also had an "earlier career" in business, which means that his perspectives are relevant and useful in acknowledging the realities of Corporate life. Andy Higginson, CEO, Tesco Stores Limited

I wish I had met Jezz about 20 years earlier. Although I am in the twilight of my first career he has given me an energy and focus for what follows next , has put what’s gone on so far in to a clearer context and given some simple but stunningly effective practices that make everyday easier and more enjoyable. To get the most out of what Jezz does you need to put all of you in – the more he knows the more he can help – but he is sensitive and caring. In short he has totally delivered on his promise at the outset which was - “to make you, the very best version of you, that you can be." Chris

A short while ago, a colleague mentioned he’d seen a business coach. Seen it all before was my first thought, but the colleague is someone I respect, and I had a need that was worth exploring – a simple process that can make you look at how you manage your life and your relationships to get the best out of yourself, your colleagues and your family. Invest a little of yourself and you will surprise yourself what you get back… Brush aside your cynicism, be a bit brave, you’ll learn more in a couple of hours than several dozen books could ever do. Jeremy Eaton, Chief Executive, Vital Marketing