‘The objective is not to win a gold medal. It’s to collect it.’

Contact us for your free consultation on your team's specific needs. Here is an example of our Team Building day we run at Leander Club around rowing.

Its all about optimising the performance of teams both in sport and organisations.

Years of experience and a successful track-record shows:

- a team needs to work as a single unit, not as a group of talented individuals

Click here for article Winning is about a Star Team not a Team of Stars

- focusing on weakness will not make you win, it just prevents failure

- winning is a choice; it depends on the balance of mental, physical and technical factors

Our approach is highly collaborative, interactive and engaging. Through my six principles of coaching, we get to the emotional heart of what it takes to win, not just once but time after time.

No individual or team that has reached optimal performance in the world of sport without at least one coach. we apply the principles used in winning in sport to winning in business. we have coached world class rowing athletes – who have won Olympic and World Championship medals – as well as the senior leadership of organisations that include Tesco, The UK Government’s Department of Work and Pensions and the Joint Helicopter Command.

Key to this work is thinking beyond leadership to what we term ‘Followership’: the goal being bigger than any of the individual team members and which can only be achieved through true collaboration.

If you would like to know how we can help optimise the performance of your team please call on 07525 493083 or email Jeremy.